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.. Guillotine

2-LP Holland

Metal Alternative / Metal/Alternative

Lp+CD, Gatefold Sleeve


Written by the band over most of 2017, Cabaret de la Guillotine was the result of bursts of creative energy and long bouts of toughing it out. Some songs—like “Sharpen the Guillotine,” “The Hum,” and “One of Us”—unfurled in full naturally, while others—“Betrayed,” “Ministry of God,” and “Witching Hour”—took longer to complete. Izquierdo and the rest of ANGELUS APATRIDA didn’t fret the hard stuff though. They’ve had lots of experience over the course of five previous albums. By not forcing the material for Cabaret de la Guillotine, the group came up with their strongest material to date. Songs like “Ministry of God,” “Downfall of the Nation,” and “Farewell” are the group’s early favorites.

Look for ANGELUS APATRIDA’s Cabaret de la Guillotine to thrash expectations, excite fans, and crush charts when it’s released this spring. For a new era of thrash is upon us. Also, be prepared for ANGELUS APATRIDA to hit European stages in May and rest of year. Only the front row is real!



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